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Preventing Moth Damage to Persian & Oriental Rugs

Learn more about moth damage to rugs and how to avoid it through proper care.

Moths can cause irreversible damage to anything wool–especially rugs. It can be hard to spot the damage at first, but with a little knowledge, you can prevent the loss of your beautiful wool rugs.

What is Moth Damage & How Does it Happen?

Moths lay their eggs on the top of the rugs, but they also appear on the back. The eggs eat through the fibers of your rug and cause holes or missing lines of wool. Moths are attracted to wool. They often appear when a rug is in a dark and damp or humid area of the house.

What Does Moth Damage Look Like on a Rug?

Moth eggs look like white snot on the front or back of the rug–almost like a thin, white skin. As they eat through the rug, you can start to see tiny black or white eggs. By this time, the wool will start to fall off the rug or get sucked into your vacuum.

How Can I Spot Moths Early?

Getting to the moths early is important. If you start to see the thin, white skin or “moth snot,” immediately take the rug out of the house. If possible, put it in a plastic bag or wrap it in plastic if the rug is too large for a bag. If you vacuum the rug, make sure to clean your vacuum well. They can live inside your vacuum and cause even more damage later on. Get your rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Tips to Avoid Moth Damage to Rugs:

Unfortunately, very few rugs made of wool or silk are mothproof. And there are very few products out there that can be sprayed on a rug to protect it from moths.
If you need to store your rugs for a short period, keep them wrapped in breathable paper in a cool, dry place. Do not store them directly on concrete. If you will be storing rugs long term, have them professionally wrapped.
To avoid moth damage in rugs you are using everyday, make sure to vacuum once a week, and vacuum on the back side of the rug at least once or twice a year if possible. Keep them dry as well.

Can Moth Damage to Rugs be Repaired?

Moth damaged rugs can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage.

How Can Shaheens Help with Moth Damage?

At Shaheen Rug Cleaning and Repair, we can clean and sanitize the rug first. We are able to repair some moth damage if it is smaller than the opening of a typical coffee mug, a simple pattern, and the back of the rug is still intact. Once the moths have caused a hole through the back of the rug, it is not possible for us to repair. Each rug is treated differently depending on the extent of the damage. We have been repairing rugs since 1901. Our staff are knowledgeable and creative when it comes to repairing your rug!

Rug Pickup and Drop Off Service

If you are worried about transporting your rug, or would enjoy the convenience of your rug being picked up and dropped off, we have a local service available.
If you are within a 7 mile radius of our North Canton service center, this service is free. Call us or use the contact form to enquire about our services or pickup and drop off pricing.


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