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Rug Cleaning

Refresh your rug with our rug cleaning service in Canton, Ohio.

Rug Cleaning Services

We offer a range of rug cleaning services including:
Colorful Persian, oriental and vintage rugs stacked on top of each other

Rug Cleaning Process

Bring color and life back into your favorite rug with our thorough rug cleaning process.
Drop off or schedule rug pickup
Vacuum front & back (repeat if necessary)
Shampoo front & back
Rinse & water extraction
Hang Dry
Spot/stain treatment if necessary
Repeat process if necessary
Pickup rug or have it delivered
Colorful persian, oriental, and vintage rugs lined up in a row

Why Choose Shaheen?

We are a trusted name and we’ve been your family owned and operated rug store and cleaning company for 121 years. Over the last century, we’ve learned from the best in how to clean and repair rugs and we’ve perfected our techniques along the way. We take pride in our work. We don’t just give the rugs a facial. We give them a full massage by cleaning out the dirt from the bed of the rug, allowing the fibers to come back to life.

Rug Cleaning FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our rug cleaning service.

How long does a cleaning service take?

We usually run about 2 weeks, depending on the size and level of dirt in a rug.

How much does rug cleaning cost?

We need to learn more about your rug before providing a service price. Please contact us to discuss further.

Do you offer pickup/delivery?

We offer free pickup & delivery within a 7 mile radius of the store. Outside of that radius, it’s $25 each way. If furniture needs to be moved, an extra cost is incurred and quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any rugs you WON’T clean?

Some rugs are made from plant based materials which cannot get wet. If it does get wet, it will cause discoloration and can damage the rug entirely. Look at the tag on the back to see if the rug is made from viscose or jute as those cannot be cleaned safely. Sheepskin is also very hard to clean.

What should someone do to prepare their rug for cleaning?

Roll it up and bring it to the store or schedule a pickup!

Do you have any guarantees or promises?

No. While we try our very best to remove stains and repair most rugs, sometimes stains are too set in or rugs are beyond repair.

Is there a waiver or contract that a customer has to sign?

Yes. Once we write up the order, the customer and associate both sign off saying we agree to the terms laid out on the paper and it gives us permission to begin work. If we picked up the order, we email the invoice and ask for a written approval from the customer.

Service Areas

Shaheen Rug Cleaning & Repair proudly serves the following and surrounding areas:

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