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Three Tips for Extending Your Rug’s Life

Maintaining the quality and integrity of your rug doesn’t have to be difficult.

Rugs can be a lifelong investment and deserve to be treated as such. Maintaining the quality and integrity of your rug doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three tips to extend the life of your rug.

#1 Vacuuming Your Rug

As you walk on your rugs, little dirt particles fall into the pile. As time passes, that dirt falls into the foundation of the rug. Over time, this dirt can cause the rug fibers to break down.

How often should I vacuum my rug?

It’s incredibly important to vacuum your rug at least once a week. High power vacuums can be too intense for your rugs, so use a vacuum with soft bristles and place the beater bar on the highest setting so it just barely touches the rug. If it is set too low, the bristles can tear up the rug fibers leaving your rug damaged.

How do I vacuum a rug with fringe or binding?

When vacuuming a rug with fringe or binding, always vacuum away from the rug. If the fringe gets caught, do not pull the vacuum back because that will cause damage to the fringe and rug, avoid repeatedly going over the binding of the rug with a vacuum.

How can I make vacuuming my rug easier?

Vacuuming can be much more efficient with a pad.

#2 Use a Pad to Protect your Rug

Rugs are pieces of artwork on your floor, but how do you care for them? Start with a pad. At Shaheen Rug Cleaning and Repair, we carry the “Cadillac” version of pad!

What are the benefits of a rug pad?

A rug pad protects your floor and rug at the same time. The specialty pad we use has a rubber side that acts like a suction to your floors and a rough side that creates friction against the bottom of your rug, preventing it from sliding.

How does a rug pad make vacuuming easier?

When vacuuming a rug with a pad underneath, it allows airflow to get to the foundation making it easier for your vacuum to suction out dirt. Pads also allow the fibers to bounce back more easily, adding to your rug’s lifespan.

How can I order a rug pad?

Shaheen sells high quality pads for your rugs. Call us with your exact rug size, and we will custom cut the pad so it fits under your rug just perfectly.

#3 Rug Binding

Rugs bring style and beauty to your home, but over time, you may notice some wear and tear. To preserve a rug from falling apart, it needs to have finished edges.

What do I do if my rug’s edges are coming apart?

If you notice your rug’s edges are coming apart, plan to get it fixed so it does not damage the rest of the rug. Shaheen offers a rug binding service to make a rug go from looking raggedy to almost new!

How does rug binding work?

At Shaheen’s, we use pure, high quality wool that either matches or compliments the colors in the rug. We use a special technique to make hand binding repairs look like the original creation of the rug. We take pride in our work!

Do you have more questions about extending your rug’s life, or if something is ‘safe’ or ‘normal’ for your rug? Please do not hesitate to call our North Canton Rug Service Center on 330.493.9000 and speak to a rug cleaning or rug repair expert.

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